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A global view of the opportunities in the private equity, venture capital & seed capital industries.

November 1st

Manuel Belgrano Auditorium, Cancillería Argentina
Esmeralda 1212, 1007, C.A.B.A.


The Forum brought together the most relevant actors in the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry to discuss current and future investment opportunities, macroeconomic trends, and the current state of the general investment landscape. The event presented a unique opportunity to meet the most prominent local and regional Private Equity Managers, Venture Capital Funds, Family Offices and key Argentine Government Authorities.


The Forum will feature keynote addresses held by prominent investment professionals as well as successful regional business operators, participants will expose their perspectives on the overall state of private investment in Argentina.

Carlos J. García
Co-Managing Partner and Chairman of Victoria Capital Partners and also the successor to Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette South American Partners.
Hernán Kazah
Cofounder and Managing Partner at Kaszek Ventures. He currently sits on the board of several leading Latin American technology companies.
Alfredo Irigoin
Founding partner of Linzor Capital Partners. He is currently a Senior Advisor in LCP and member of the Investment Committee.
Diego Gonzalez Bravo
Vice-president of Seed Capital and Executive Director at ARCAP and Managing Partner at Cygnus Capital, focused on Latin American startups.
Ramiro Lauzan
Managing Partner of Humus Capital Partners, a middle-market private equity founds firm focused in companies established in Argentina and Chile.
Juan Lucena
Founder of Alba Capital, a company that invest in middle market opportunities in Argentina by contributing capital, strategy and management.


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