Ignacio Plaza

Senior Managing Partner of Draper Cygnus, Managing Partner of Cygnus Capital and President at Primary Ventures. Mrs. Plaza is a renowned Fintech entrepreneur and serial angel investor.  In 1998 he founded Primary (the first tech trading platform for Argentina). In his role as CEO of Primary Technologies he operated an exclusive joint venture with ROFEX that transformed it in the main futures and options market in Argentina. In 2010, he negotiated the acquisition of the company by ROFEX after twelve years of joint operations. Ignacio is angel investor in +20 local and global tech startups, Director at ROFEX, President at Primary Ventures and founding member of Fintech Argentina, the Argentine Fintech Chamber. Ignacio graduated engineer from Belgrano University in Argentina and continued his studies with a Masters in Technology Management from ITBA (Institute of Technology of Buenos Aires), a Masters in Agribusiness from the University of Buenos Aires and was also part of the Executive Program of the Singularity University in 2016.

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